My Why

When I was asked to be part of starting a new company in July of 2017, a choice was before me. Was I willing to take a risk to try and help build something new from the ground up? I’ve worked in the Content Services industry for over 15 years as vendor, partner and customer in varying roles. If was going to take the risk, I needed to know that what I was going to build would be different than what I’d done in the past. I also needed to inventory the “why.” I needed to be sure that taking the chance on building something new aligned with my purpose for why I do everything I do – to support my family and friends. As a dad, my primary goal is to help provide for my children and their future. As a friend, I want to support and encourage my friends. All of the travel, hours in the office, and late nights are ways for me to serve my family and friends. I took the leap.

Building a System for the Army

As Next Phase Solutions (NPS) began our journey towards building something different in our marketplace, our first project was to implement a case management system for a division of the U.S. Army.  It was here, working alongside a group of dedicated civilians and service men and women, that I noticed there was something missing in my “why.” The team I was working with at the Army was focused on a goal much bigger than themselves.  Yes, they had their own personal goals and career aspirations, but they were also investing in a unified purpose. I saw very clearly how the case management system that I was implementing was playing a part in that mission: Our system was helping others more effectively fulfill their goal of serving others.

In the Shadow of a Commander

My Grandpa, Commander Edward Socha, is a survivor of the attack on Pearl Harbor and has been my hero since I was a little boy.  Growing up in his shadow instilled within me the importance of service to others and service to country.  Although my path didn’t lead me to the military, I have an intense passion for finding ways to serve others. My experience working with a team from the Army, in an office in Virginia, showed me how people serve in ways that I had not considered before.

Serving Others

Not every solution that NPS implements will be for such a grand purpose as to support a branch of our country’s military, but this one did. The solutions that we provide help make companies more effective and employees more efficient. This, in turn, helps them better serve their customers and constituents. If more of us out there, even in small ways, are better serving others, won’t that make things just a little bit better for everyone?