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GOA Assessments

The Government Accountability Office will be assessing Federal Government Agency Compliance with the Open, Public, Electronic, and Necessary (OPEN) Government Data Act. The OPEN Government Data Act provides a sweeping, government-wide mandate for federal agencies to publish all their information as open data – using standardized, non-proprietary formats. The law requires agencies to release all non-sensitive data to the public in a format that allows for easy data analysis and largely prohibits them from restricting how that information can be used. It further mandates the Office of Management and Budget help agencies stand up their data inventories that include metadata on every dataset they publish. 


It stands to reason that when agencies are in full compliance processing backlogs on Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests will be reduced, as agency data will be readily accessible to and by the public. Additional, the General Services Administration must create an online portal where the public can search and access information published by each agency. The new law also directs agencies to support innovative uses of government data, adopt consistent data practices across government, and develop best practices for open data. 

A COTS Solution

Next Phase Solutions, LLC offers OnBase as its time-tested one-stop COTS (Configurable Off the Shelf Software) solution. OnBase can assist federal agencies integrate multiple data streams into one easily accessed and readable source of public-facing and accessible data to ensure compliance with the OPEN Government Data Act. Integrating agency FOIA processes with data already made publicly available will significantly reduce search and processing times by federal officials, improving process efficiency and saving taxpayer dollars!  Our solution is your solution. Call us for a demonstration at (407) 440-1411 or visit us for more information at npsols.com.

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