Protect Data At Scan

Implementing a secure scanning platform has historically been a challenge. The requirements of many solutions include encryption for documents in motion and at rest. Unfortunately, most scanning platforms have no options for secure capture and ingestion. In many cases, the content is stored as unencrypted and then later encrypted after indexing. Trying to secure capture with decentralized scanning is even more challenging. The few secure capture options are not priced or sized for decentralized desktop implementations.

Desktop Scanner ScanFront 400 CAC/PIV

Canon now has a secure solution that has a footprint small enough to fit on a desktop. The Canon ScanFront 400 provides secure network scanning with CAC key authentication and FIPS 140-2 compliant scanning. The scanner can also digitally sign emails and send secure emails. The user is automatically logged off when the CAC/PIV card is removed. The product supports other great features including:

  • Automatic page size detection
  • Background smoothing
  • Background removal
  • Bleed-through reduction
  • Ccolor dropout/enhancement
  • Ddeskew
  • Double feed detection
  • Long document mode
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • Shadow removal
  • Skip blank page
  • Text Enhancement
  • Text orientation recognition

With speeds up to 90 ppm for double-sided capture and a daily duty cycle of 6,000 documents, this small footprint scanner is engineered to be a work-horse.  The price point is similar to other desktop scanners which makes it a great value. The CAC key authentication solves a problem for customers needing a secure way to provide decentralized capture. For a complementary needs assessment give us a call at 407-440-1411 or reach out through email at