When the Open, Public, Electronic, and Necessary (OPEN) Government Data Act was signed into law in January 2019, several new requirements were levied upon Federal agencies. The OPEN Data Act establishes that certain Federal Government data assets will be made public and available as machine-readable data—that is, in an open readable format, and under open licenses. It also requires agencies to maintain and publish a comprehensive data inventory of all data assets. It assesses broader responsibilities on the Government Services Administration (GSA) to centralize the data inventories of all agencies.

Chief Data Officers

A center piece of the new law requires agencies to either designate or appoint a qualified Chief Data Officer (CDO). CDOs will serve as an agency’s point of contact in the lifecycle of data produced and stored by their agency. They are responsible not just for the processes that collect, manage and store agency data, but also for analyzing and building insights from that data to better inform agency business practices. It will be critical for agencies to build reliable capabilities to merge existing data streams and manage them along with the significant amounts of new data that will be made public under the OPEN Data Act.

Data Management Solution

Next Phase Solution, LLC, a woman-owned small business, offers our Federal and industry customers OnBase by Hyland, a versatile data content management solution developed here in the United States. OnBase is a COTS, low-custom-code solution that is cloud architecture-friendly and can merge legacy data systems and separate data sets into new user interfaces to provide an enhanced seamless enterprise management capability for Federal agencies. Flexible, scalable and secure, OnBase evolves as customer requirements change.  With enterprise data encrypted on the move or while at rest, OnBase is secure and helps counter insider-threat risks. On the GSA Schedule, Next Phase Solution, LLC is ready to help Federal agencies comply with new requirements set forth in the OPEN Data Act. Contact us at (407) 440-1411 for a demonstration or reach out through email at npscorp@npsols.com.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay