Hyland Software recently announced the release of their Enterprise Search product.  It was acquired with the purchase of the Perceptive product from Lexmark in July 2017.  The product is a great fit in the Hyland family of products and is certain to be on any Government agencies wish list.  What makes this product so compelling is that it is truly multi-purpose.  This product solves so many issues that it is the Swiss-Army knife of Information Management!

Find Everything

Yes! The product can help you find anything, but more importantly it can find everything not just anything.  If the mission is to find all of the content about a specific topic, the chances are good it resides in multiple repositories.  With a single search, the content is found and documented no matter the repository.  Quickly identify FOIA content and imagine the fit for eDiscovery solutions.

Secure Everything

If something is supposed to be protected information, this Enterprise search tool can help you find where you are vulnerable.  Any security conscious agency would want the assurance that privacy, security and confidentiality are maintained across multiple platforms.  This can be a valuable resource to help meet those objectives.

Information Analysis

or agencies looking to manage and understand large content repositories and the relationship between content meta-data, the enterprise search output provides an outstanding report with an analytical focus.  This is a fabulous tool for the analyst’s tool box to provide intelligent analysis of data and content stores.

Quick Overview of Features

Enterprise Search makes locating key information simple, fast and straightforward.  With Enterprise Search, users can rapidly find and access the information they need and then take action — completing a task, solving a problem, responding to a customer or advancing a business process.  Users don’t have to enter perfect queries to get the right results thanks to intuitive features that include:

  • Faceted navigation
  • Conversational search
  • Natural language support

This Enterprise Search product offers class-leading content discovery and output technology that unlocks valuable content regardless of where it exists, in locations as varied as:

  • Repositories
  • SharePoint sites
  • Email systems
  • Network shares
  • Intranets
  • Extranets
  • Websites
  • Databases
  • Social media sites
  • Any other location

Enterprise Search Enables Users

  • Find content, regardless of where it is stored – Locate content in OnBase and legacy repositories, SharePoint sites, email systems, network shares, intranets, extranets, websites, databases, social media platforms and more.
  • Support over 500 file formats – Find and preview results from files in virtually any format without having the source application installed.
  • Find the right information, faster – Get to the right results in less time with intelligent query design tools, relevance rankings and contextual filters.
  • Automate searching – Save and share search queries and set up alerts to get notified when new documents match a desired search.
  • Leverage a modern, adaptable interface – Empower users with a flexible interface that supports all mobile devices, operating systems and browsers.

Use this in your Intelligence, FOIA or eDiscovery solution today!

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay