Smart Uses of Federal End-of-Year Funds for IT

It’s mid-July and agency CFOs have completed their sweep of accounts to find uncommitted funds for possible reallocation. The Federal government spends approximately $90 billion on IT annually. However, for a host of reasons, not all funds designated for priority IT projects will be spent by the end of the fiscal year. Uncommitted funds will be slated for reallocation, and if tradition holds true, they will unceremoniously be spent on hardware and software licensing needs for the following year. This is a missed opportunity! Why shouldn’t Federal managers use at least a portion of reallocated funds to tackle other IT challenges, such as strengthening automated business enterprise processes? This includes business workflow, data management, records management, Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), and case management. Managers can smartly enhance organizational capabilities by replacing or building upon existing processes. Consolidating separate systems into a single dashboard can enhance an organization’s work environment. Funding in this area can improve overall mission efficiencies, compensate for staffing shortfalls, satisfy unfunded new requirements, address mission-creep, and ensure compliance with new legislative requirements.

Proof-of-Concept Projects

Another approach might be to use end-of-year funds to demonstrate a proof-of-concept or pilot business process solution in support of a more comprehensive one under consideration. The contracting methods available to managers for this approach are various, but in the final analysis, the results of a proof-of-concept will inform decision-makers on if, when, and how to proceed. Using high-performing small businesses can be preferable, as they are responsive to short timelines, are keenly customer focused, and are subject to flexible funding vehicles. Using small businesses to address proof-of-concept needs also gives managers the opportunity to observe them perform as managers consider next steps. Federal managers, Chief Data Officers, Chief Information Officers, Chief Financial Officers, and Chief Contracting Officers can use this phase of the Federal budget cycle to show their commitment to the small business community while smartly and effectively addressing agency mission.

NPS Can Help

Next Phase Solution, LLC (NPS) is a woman-owned small business that boasts excellent Federal customer references. NPS feature software architecting, design and consulting, and deploying configurable content management solutions. Specialists work with Federal managers to automate business processes using paperless technologies which makes information management, projects, and tasks more efficient. NPS uses discovery methods and modeling that assist managers to envision a more efficient way to automate data driven business processes and obtain demanding data analytic objectives. We are not just technologists, but are expert communicators working in collaboration and partnership to achieve stated objectives. We can seamlessly integrate multiple legacy data systems into one interface, while securing all data at rest and in transit. Our solution is 100% developed in the USA and is cloud/or on-premises friendly. Your proof-of-concept solution can be developed to evolve with changing project requirements and customer needs and at lower costs. On the GSA Schedule, Next Phase Solution, LLC, is ready to assist CDOs expertly manage data driven missions into the future. Contact us at (407) 440-1411 for a demonstration or reach out through email at

Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay