Chances are, if your company is storing a significant amount of valuable documents and data, you’ve wondered from time to time if it’s being adequately stored and protected. If so, perhaps it’s time for a change. In our current digital age, the integrity of our data, software, and personal hardware is often in question. A day doesn’t seem to go by without a news story about hackers and data breaches. It’s a common belief that we are collectively being watched through the cameras on our devices or are having our internet searches tracked, and these things may very well be true. Invasive malwares like viruses and spyware pose a serious and real threat to our systems and often invade from the trickiest of places. So how can you assure that your data is safe?

One proven way lies within Hyland’s OnBase program. By storing your data using OnBase, your information is guaranteed safe. Developers at Hyland created this system with state-of-the-art encryption to ensure that it is crack-resistant. The code is constantly being updated making it impossible for hackers to pick up on trends. Data and connections that are established while transfers are being made are always encrypted and passwords are required after program usage session timeouts.

How does the OnBase system work?

OnBase provides enterprise content management (ECM), case management, business process management (BPM), records management, and capture all in a single database. Essentially, OnBase captures and stores data that was once physical and consolidates it into a single digitized location. By having your data in this system, a new level of accessibility and organization is established. It can even simultaneously incorporate data from multiple legacy data sources into one customer interface and can be further secured via duplication processes using Hyland’s cloud. OnBase contains countless benefits beyond security including: clever coding which allows all related documents to be linked and cloud-based file sharing – making it easier to share and edit documents across time and space.

Next Phase Solutions

Hyland partners with technically savvy and certified private companies like Next Phase Solutions, LLC, to sell and install OnBase products. NPS is a woman owned small business with years of trained experience with configuring software to cater to a variety of different user needs. We understand the importance of data security, enterprise workflow flexibility, and the ever changing data management needs occurring at the speed of a changing business. That is why it’s important to realize that OnBase is a configurable software and not code-specific. Employees within the company understand the technicalities that are involved with capturing hard data and programming it within this new system. With our level of experience comes a faster, more seamless transfer of data and a higher level of functionality after configuration than other competitor companies. For more information, contact us at or visit our website

Image by qimono from pixabay