Why Humans Remain Necessary Versus AI

AI is short for Artificial Intelligence. Artificial intelligence is defined as the theory and development of computer systems able to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence. Most people visualize AI in the form of human robots like Sophia who was the first robot to be recognized as a citizen of a country. However, artificial intelligence is leading a takeover of advanced, self-functioning technology globally. AI has already entered a wide range of markets including, but not limited to: health technology, search engines, social media data, driverless vehicles, and farming. These industries are becoming even more technologically driven and as a result, human employment is declining. Not only does this mean greater unemployment in many fields as AI’s influence continues to grow, but it also leads many to wonder whether their own jobs will soon be jeopardized.

Pros and Cons of a Technological Takeover

There are definite benefits to incorporating artificial intelligence into the workspace. The price of production and the final cost of many goods will be cheaper. Production will be much quicker, allowing more goods to be produced per day. Unfortunately, artificial intelligence will result in a  surge of unemployment for humans. Additionally, the technology can malfunction, just like when your car refuses to start or your phone is painfully slow. Unlike a human who is simply having an unproductive day, when the technology breaks, humans are needed to reprogram the systems. This is often not a quick process and can result in hours, days, or even weeks of unproductive “down-time.”

AI in Expert Settings

The general growth in technology’s role will certainly be more effective for goods of mass production, but most likely not for tasks requiring a high skill set. It is hard to believe that a machine’s problem solving and communication abilities could match the complexity and life knowledge that humans inherently carry. The use of these robots will certainly save corporations and large businesses a significant amount of money. Therefore, we cannot discount the undeniable future which contains AI. But where is the line drawn for their functionality in social settings like sales, customer services, or creating solutions that cater to a business’s specialized needs?

Why AI will not Takeover OnBase Data Processing and Programming

There is already a sense of AI in the OnBase program because it appears so intelligent through its features. This, however, is a configuration done by a human after meeting with other humans to understand the pain points of a current business process. It is important to have experience with OnBase to tailor each customer’s solution  to their specific needs. If Artificial intelligence were to attempt to make its way into the automation processes that take place, a number of flaws would be faced along the way. Can you imagine if your entire technology project was managed and developed by a set of screens with “yes/no ” answers? For anyone who has been through a rough IT project, that may sound dreamlike, until you remember all the grey areas of a project such as organizational change management, stakeholder information sharing, end user training and support, and collaboration on unique situations that occur within your business. If AI is entirely responsible for configuring a data system, there is no room for humans to track or resolve flaws created by this completely automated process. Using AI to automate specific components within a solution makes a lot of sense and there are OnBase tools to handle this (shoutout to RPA). AI, as we know it, is unlikely to replace the true human intelligence required to deliver a best-in-class solution any time soon.

Choose Next Phase Solutions

We’ve ruled out AI as a reliable source of solution creation. There are many other human options out there to partner with for your technology solution. When securing your business’s critical data and documents in one system, it is imperative to be certain that the e-process is secure, accurate, and timely. With over 20 years of composite experience in records management, data analysis, and content services, we are deeply committed to maintaining the integrity of our customers’ data while meeting regulation and security requirements. We have a proven process of needs analysis, implementation, training, and project management but we also know that we are serving our customers. Sometimes that means we have to stop acting like robots who can only do things one way and listen to what our customers need. Because isn’t that what separates us from the machines and their AI? Isn’t it our ability to connect, to be nimble, and to deviate from our programming that makes us human, after all?

Next Phase Solutions is a different kind of partner. We believe in doing more with less and empowering our customers to do the same. If you’re in the market for a technology solution, let’s connect. Visit us at www.npsols.com or reach out through email at npscorp@npsols.com.

Image by geralt from pixabay

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