Stay a Step Ahead

How to Adjust for the Future of Work in Government


Currently, the most ubiquitous topic on a global scale is the recent emergence of the COVID-19 or “Coronavirus” pandemic. It is affecting people worldwide while continuously spreading, causing an overall shutdown of many businesses’ operations. Due to this, most people are out of work, at home, and cannot operate normally at their jobs. This virus is putting current tasks at a halt. In a recent article, the International Data Corporation (IDC) lays out the future of work framework and calls for a fundamental shift in the work model.

What the Framework Entails

The IDC conveys that the traditional, rigid work models that are prevalent among most companies must be rethought. Because workers will have to become more flexible in how and where they do their work, it is essential to restructure workplaces and their setups. “The future of work isn’t really about the future – it is about the initiatives that companies need to pursue now,” said Holly Muscolino, research vice president.

What Should You Do While Routine Work is Suspended?

Use this down period to get a step ahead. Start planning out how you can improve your company’s efficiency for when work resumes and how you might be able to move some of your tasks virtual. While your company isn’t facing the hectic realities of normal work routines, take a step back. The time is now to update your company’s infrastructure to improve on productivity, communication, and organization.

Your Next Move

Go paperless. Rather than delivering paper through interoffice mail, use software to route electronic documents. These can be virtually approved, electronically signed, and digitally delivered both internally and outside of the organization. With the emergence of this Coronavirus, the digital skills gap widens if paper-based business processes remain stagnant. This virus will likely alter work processes forever. Accepting this means business procedures and data management will be imperative. By adopting software to store your information and data, making it accessible and interactive to the remote workforce, your company will bridge the digital skills gap. To accommodate for a flexible future, roles will have to be redefined, workplaces will have to be restructured, and rapid learning of new technology will be vital.

Next Phase Solutions is the Answer

IDC claims that “by 2021, the contribution by digital co-workers will increase by 35% as more tasks are automated and augmented by technology, including AI, robotics, AR/VR, and intelligent process automation.” The foundation of those technologies is in enterprise content management (ECM). Next Phase Solutions (LLC) specializes in ECM and has over 20 years of composite experience in business process management (BPM), information management, records management, data analysis, implementation, training, and project management. We are a women owned small business and understand the importance of flexibility, data security, and management. Our job has always been to make business processes more efficient and to transform document and data storage expectations. The time is now to make a change for your company’s overall functionality. Learn how we can assist you with a personalized technology solution by visiting us at or reach out through email at .

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