New Work Trends Post-COVID

COVID-19 has changed the way companies are doing business now and will most certainly change the way they do business in the future. Since the emergence of this virus, companies had to become agile with creating plans to keep both employees and customers safe while providing uninterrupted customer service. Many companies already offered a form of remote working, but when the pandemic began, the remainder of companies were scrambling to accommodate. New infrastructure became necessary to provide employees access to the once centralized information necessary to servicing their customer base. Many were ill equipped to do so. This is where Next Phase Solutions brings quick and effective value. We provide software that facilitates workflow while allowing customer data to be securely accessed via multiple platforms including mobile. Next Phase Solutions also analyzes and provides feedback on where business processes can be improved using paperless tools.

Even before the pandemic started in March, trends exhibited promise in moving towards a virtual workforce with many companies allowing employees to work from home at least a few days a week. Many states now require businesses to limit the number of people allowed in an office area in an effort to support social distancing and limit contact. We can expect businesses to ramp up technology infrastructure, allowing workers to be as productive, and likely more so, while working from home. Studies by IBM and Global Workplace Analytics, thought leaders on the future of work and business trends, point to an increase in employees splitting time between work from home and in office work.

The pandemic has already caused a disruption in profits due to uncertainty. With a transition following these new trends on how work is completed, businesses can save an average of $11,000/year for every employee that splits their time in the office/home. This means the US economy can save over $30 billion a day in what would have been lost revenue (Analytics, 2020).

Next Phase Solutions implements content management solutions that allow employees secure access to business content no matter where they happen to be working. The power to use an electronic business process can be a big difference between a remote workforce being successful versus failing. If employees are not able to perform the tasks needed to serve customers remotely, company progress will halt. Customers will be disappointed and conduct their business elsewhere. Working with Next Phase Solutions to design a digital workflow process that routes documents for approvals, submits vacation requests, and supports other mission critical processes ensures the company’s success during COVID-19 and well after. Next Phase Solutions has the knowledge to streamline a business process tailored to your company’s individualized needs. Send us an email at or visit our website for more information.

Written by Matt Miller, Edits by Nora Godiksen


Image by Anrita705 from Pixabay

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