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Does your organization have an overload of electronic documents including PDFs, images, Word and Excel docs, or emails? If documents are stored in legacy document management systems, in network drives, or on external devices like jump drives, there is a high probability the document will not be found when you need it most. Think of all the time spent combing through systems trying to find the document. With the increase in working remotely, it’s vital now more than ever for organizations to operate efficiently and communicate effectively. There is a cost to being unable to find a particular document. The cost is measured in wasted labor, inefficiency, and lost income. If the electronic document cannot be found, the paper version being requested from offsite storage adds even more to the cost. 

Now imagine if you consolidated your electronic documents into one system. It may seem like a dream to have all of your documents in one place and be able to access the one you need easily. With a Next Phase Document Conversion, this is reality. No matter where you want your documents or how many places they currently reside, our team will work with you to unravel the complexities of your documents and transition them to a central location. 

Basics of Document Conversion

Document conversion allows your organization to convert your paper or electronic files into a digital format. The conversion allows documents to be analyzed and issues resolved before they are stored in your system of record. Files may be compressed to reduce storage cost and speed up access for the users. This creates a consistent, reliable format for long-term storage. Security is considered to ensure the right people have access to the documents. The documents can even be stored as full text searchable to allow users to find them by phrases within the documents.

Tackling a document conversion is not a question of if but when. When an organization needs to replace a legacy system or is out of compliance with unsecure network drives, the goal must be to consolidate the files in a way that makes them reliable to retrieve, secure, and efficient. Even the most simplistic conversion demands careful consideration to ensure success. 

 Solutions for Any System

No matter the quantity of documents needing conversion, Next Phase has a solution. We convert from any ECM or SharePoint (OnBase, OpenText, FileNet, MFiles, Alfresco, Documentum, etc.) system and offer first time solutions. Our approach is platform agnostic and applies to scenarios that require identifying and moving digital content from one system to another. With our technology platfor, we provide a truly tailored service that is fully configurable. We do not abide by a one-size-fits-all approach. Your requirements are specific to you and we understand that.

We are Data Lovers

With billions of documents processed, 40 plus ECM legacy systems converted, and infinite insights gathered from consolidating data, we have the experience and drive to provide your best possible solution. The Next Phase Solutions team is staffed with data minded experts who understand data like they made it. With a commitment to 100% auditability, data will be handled with care from the source all the way to the target system. Whether measured in thousands or trillions, we are here to ensure that your conversion is a success.

Experience Matters

Our experience is forged through converting billions of records for organizations operating in all major industries and levels of government and the private sector. Our methodology is tempered by successfully solving the complex challenges associated with each unique project. Our approach is applicable to any scenario. Choose a team with the experience that matters; a conversion service through Next Phase can help your organization meet functionality needs, speed up your processes, and even meet future compliance requirements.

 About Us

Next Phase solutions is an 8(a) women-owned small business. With decades of experience in data conversion, Next Phase Solutions is able to forge complex, individualized solutions that bolster efficiency. We understand the complexity found within companies and have a hands-on approach in order to identify and transform those needs into answers. For more information on this visit

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