OnBase Managed Services Series – Part 1

OnBase Managed Services – Here to fix and prevent your next check engine light

Part 1:

If you have a small or mid-sized deployment of OnBase, I’d take a bet that you are using the services of a professional who knows OnBase to support your organization.  Quite possibly they are engaged with an internal team member right now on troubleshooting the latest issue reported to your helpdesk that no one can figure out. They spend so much time trying to fix issues, there’s no time left to enhance the solution and gain value from your investment. 

After a decade of working with this platform and seeing hundreds of implementations, we know that using a reactionary model (break/fix) can be holding you back from providing the best experience to your end users.  What if you could prevent those problems from ever happening in the first place?

That is where Next Phase Solutions’ OnBase Managed Services provides a unique solution.  No matter what you are looking to do with the OnBase content services platform, it requires one constant – a team of professionals with decades of experience to help you get there. With OnBase Managed Services, you can leverage our experience without the cost and time of hiring, training, and securing on-going certifications for multiple in-house resources.

Many of you already know that Hyland Software’s OnBase is the best ECM software on the planet.  But in order for it to provide value to your government agency or organization, it needs to be properly maintained and updated.  Think of it like a car: Issues like low tire pressure, filing up with the wrong gas, a long overdue oil change, or a lingering check-engine light can all lead to an inefficient and sometimes expensive way of traveling from point A to point B.

The obvious fact that we all know and understand is that every company that uses OnBase for managing records, automating a business process with WorkFlow/RPA, or analyzing case information with WorkView should have at least 1 system administrator.  Maybe that individual is dedicated to OnBase, but many times that individual will be a jack of all trades resource supporting and managing several key applications for the organization.  It’s not even uncommon to see departmental users who have been trained to be responsible for keeping OnBase up and running that don’t have a technical background. 

This can work but it may not be the most ideal situation for the organization to get the most out of this leading Gartner Magic Quadrant ECM investment of OnBase. The concept behind outsourcing a system’s maintenance and improvement, whether general administration, a new development project, documenting business requirements from your end users, or building complex integrations is nothing new in the content services arena. Organizations have been outsourcing their infrastructure and database administration for decades. Why not outsource OnBase administration to a company who has deployed hundreds of systems, thousands of solutions, and live and breathe OnBase day in and day out? Why not have Next Phase Solutions be your OnBase Managed Services provider?

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