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The natural process of continuous improvement exists throughout industry. Innovations are made to simplify business processes, automate repetitive tasks, and reduce human error; with the goals of increasing high quality output and promoting employee engagement. Robotic process automation and artificial intelligence technologies are two such technological innovations that, when used in conjunction, have proven to create enormous value for the organization.

Robotic process automation (RPA) is a software technology used to create software robots that emulate human interactions with digital systems. An RPA robot can navigate application screens, enter keystrokes, extract data, and interpret information on screen while performing a variety of defined actions.  Organizations use RPA to complete repetitive and complex tasks in the same way a human would, but with greater accuracy and without the need to take breaks.

Adding artificial intelligence (AI) to RPA produces capabilities that expand its usefulness, increases business value, and extends competitive advantages.  RPA robots powered with AI technologies like computer vision, cognitive automation, and machine learning yield transformative solutions where robots can reason over data.

RPA is one innovation that increases the opportunity of humans to focus time and effort on the most valuable areas of business: innovating, collaborating, creating, and interacting with customers. Organizations also benefit from increased productivity, efficiency, and resilience.

As implementors of Information Management Solutions, Next Phase Solutions sees the importance of incorporating RPA into our solutions. This is why we partner with UiPath. UiPath spearheaded the path to building software for Robotic Process Automation back in 2005 and they are now the world’s leading RPA software company. We understand the value in providing the best for our partners and want to ensure that the solutions we provide maintain that edge.

By choosing Next Phase Solutions, you are choosing to receive a solution from experts who genuinely want to learn what drives your business. We function as a one-stop-shop for revamping your business processes while providing a personalized, yet flexible, host for all important data. Without the hassle of lots of coding or disrupting underlying systems, our solutions are scalable and enterprise-ready with a minimal upfront investment.

Next Phase’s robust solutions replace spreadsheets and paper with automated digital solutions, data management solutions, cloud services, electronic records management, and data conversion services. By having all of your documents stored electronically, you can streamline business workflows and guarantee data security.

If you are interested in learning about how Next Phase Solutions can transform your business’s workflow and data storage while allowing the personalized software to work for you, please contact Vince Hanson at 407-440-1411 or

About Next Phase Solutions

Next Phase Solutions is a consulting and services firm serving public and private organizations. Streamlining business processes, ensuring compliance, and managing and securing data using content management and RPA technology are core competencies. They provide end-to-end services including business analysis, project management, development, data conversions, training, and help desk support. Focus on a solution-oriented approach results in predictable costs and a reliable schedule for clients rather than the never-ending staffing model often utilized by federal contractors. Headquartered in Oviedo, Florida, NPS uses best practices in project management and a client-oriented approach to ensure projects meet requirements and exceed expectations. NPS is currently a subcontractor with clearances for Department of Defense (DoD) contracts, GSA contract holder, and has delivered several prototypes as a prime contractor.

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