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Manage increasing caseloads with OnBase for affordable housing.

Today, every dollar counts for housing agencies as they face great need from constituents. Despite reduced budgets and smaller staffs, agencies must continue to efficiently manage tenants and properties, document and re-certify their eligibility, support homebuyers, and manage subsidized properties for IRS, HOME and other programs. In addition to these services, agencies must ensure that this wide range of program documentation is secure, easily retrievable and complete.


How can agencies efficiently accomplish these tasks without creating more work for already stretched staff?

With OnBase, agencies securely store all required documentation, enforce records retention and automate compliance tasks to ensure that tenants, property subsidies and customers meet federal requirements. Using OnBase, agencies store information – including applications and certifications – in a single document repository, helping specialists manage increasing workloads while supporting compliance. OnBase also allows program directors to perform pre-audit sampling of program files, ensuring programs meet documentation and compliance requirements.

OnBase also connects with databases, regardless of program. Staff have a single repository for all documentation, allowing agencies to efficiently deliver programs and easily provide referrals. All of this is achieved without additional training because OnBase integrates with the systems staff already know. As staff works with data systems, OnBase shows them relevant documentation for data records as well as what required documents are missing, helping agencies support compliance efforts. With OnBase, staff can also access key information stored in documents when they are in the field on tablets or smartphones, providing more mobility, faster field work and increased staff productivity.

We can provide case management solutions for your FSS program which integrate to your Section 8 platform.  We can manage budgets, case referrals, case notes and comprehensive reporting providing you a best in class FSS solution.

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