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Improve business processes throughout the enterprise with Next Phase Solutions

Next Phase Solutions provides technology that automates your processes, manages your important business content in one secure location and works with your other applications to deliver your information whenever – and wherever – you need it.

Once you have your information under control, you have visibility into the status of processes, documents and information while also supporting retention requirements.

Case Management

Next Phase Solutions provides an award-winning case management framework which supports dynamic (and often unpredictable), people-driven work with solutions in areas like service requests, incident management and investigations.

Accounts Payable

Using our technical expertise Next Phase Solutions can transform an AP department from a back-office necessity into a cost-saving strategic partner supporting business agility and driving future growth.

Accounts Receivable

Transforming Accounts Receivable with our technologies manual data entry is turned into automated data updates throughout your systems and scattered, inaccessible documents and data becomes centralized receivables management.

Human Resources

Next Phase Solutions helps you maximize your resources.  We can start with the solutions you need right now, like the ability to electronically store and retrieve documents, and leverage them across your department as time, budget and goals permit.  Once you start optimizing processes, extend your solution to automate other essential tasks like policy and procedure sign-offs and employee onboarding.

Contract Management & Procurement

Next Phase Solutions can manage the contract lifecycle from request to approval to expiration and renewal, automating predictable steps while providing the information and tools personnel need to drive work forward.

Records Management

Next Phase Solutions helps you manage and control you documents and data.  Whether you are storing digital documents on unsecured network drives or paying to have boxes shipped and stored, we can help you get your retention policies under control.  You’ll no longer have to wonder if you have out of policy information floating around and putting your organization at risk.  With a Next Phase Solution, you are in control of your retention policies.

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