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Professional Services

IT Professional Services

Technology project success depends upon the right expertise being applied at the right time. Whether embarking on digital transformation, developing a new application, or reliably maintaining what you have, working with an IT professional services team you can trust is imperative to the project (and your) success.

We pride ourselves on delivering technology solutions on time, in scope, and on budget. By focusing on the big picture, we prioritize simplicity in user experience and long-term system administration. Ensure you do not become one of the 90% of large IT projects that fail.

Your success is our success. Come challenge the conventional with us.

Cloud Services

Cloud computing is a game changer when used well to support your organization. NPS will help achieve your goal of expanding in the cloud including  Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, or a private cloud. Decide where to put your cloud investment or grow what you already have with our Cloud Computing experts.

Conversion Services

Moving documents and data from one system to another is a daunting task. Use a proven strategy for your next conversion by working with our specialized Conversion Services team. From discovery to translation to execution, we will ensure your data gets where it needs to go.

Business Process Mapping

Identifying how a process works today is critical to identifying what it could be tomorrow. Analyze what is and design what could be with our Business Analyst team.  Let us help your business envision the future of your technology practice.

Project Management

Our Project Management team is certified through the Project Management Institute as PMPs (Project Management Professionaland the ScrumAlliance as CSMs (Certified Scrum Master). Our methodology is flexible to work in a waterfall, agile, or hybrid model. Our Project Management team is ready to lead from beginning to end and ensure project success.

Staff Augmentation

Hiring and placing internal resources with the right skills is challenging. NPS assists by providing skilled technical resources to support your team. You can also outsource your Tier 1, 2, or 3 Help Desk to us. With our experience, security certifications, and commitment to excellence, you can be sure your users and systems are in safe hands. 

OnBase Services

Expand, design, configure, and maintain – all crucial aspects of working with OnBase. Leverage a powerful platform to expand your digital transformation journey and let our seasoned OnBase engineer team drive your success. From support and configuration changes to new net business processes we are here to help expand your OnBase investment.

Replacing Legacy Systems

Aged legacy systems often no longer meet performance requirements and fail to result in the required return on investment. Our team is well experienced in consolidating various preexisting repositories, legacy systems, or simply assisting in changing the way your data is organized with a new customized solution. If you are looking to make a change from your current system and would like to learn more, click below.

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