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Discover the Best, Most Reliable Data Conversion Solutions

At Next Phase Solutions, our data conversion services will streamline your data conversion with total transparency, whether you are:

  • Transferring Content from an Outdated System into a Cloud-Based Platform
  • Consolidating Digital Content Strewn About the Environment
  • Moving Data from One Database to Another

Our customized data conversion services are data driven and rules-based with the focus on enabling user adoption and system stability. Our platform-agnostic success applies to any scenario that requires moving digital content from one system to another.

Common systems from which we convert include:

  • ApplicationXtender
  • Filenet
  • Laserfiche
  • Lotus Notes
  • McKesson
  • OnBase
  • Oracle I/PM
  • SIRE
  • And Hundreds More!

Why You Should Outsource Your Data Conversion to Us

Wading through legacy content for relevant information can be a daunting task, especially when you are unsure what to look for or where it might be located. NPS specializes in discovering and deciphering data, and then understanding how data is used.

Our expert data conversion team will help to determine the process that offers the highest level of data integrity. So, choose a team with deep experience in both the private and public sectors for highly effective data conversion services!

Get access to the sought-after U.S.-based data conversion services experts with top security level clearances.   

Achieve Data Tranquility With a Full Range of Data Conversion Services

Our comprehensive data conversion services are customized for your organization and feature:

Data Profiling

An extensive evaluation of your data allows us to understand the scope and nature of your data issues by collecting detailed information on data values, dependencies, attributes and relationships.

Data Cleansing

We provide expert data cleansing services to eliminate or update incomplete, duplicated, incorrect, improperly formatted or irrelevant data from your database.

Data Validation

We verify and validate your data to create the best results possible by maximizing its precision and usability.

Ongoing Quality Assurance

Once data conversion is fully implemented, we provide ongoing quality assurance to ensure and maintain accuracy and consistency of data.

U.S.A.-Based Experts United States of America Flag

All our data conversion experts are U.S. citizens based in the U.S.A. with deep experience working for some of the largest corporations in the country. We have successfully completed large-scale projects involving secure and confidential data.

Streamline Your Data Conversion Process with NPS

NPS offers the best, most reliable data conversion services for any system, no matter how complex. Make your data conversion easier by choosing NPS to streamline your data conversion process:

  • By outsourcing your data conversion to U.S.-based experts, you get a concentrated influx of high-level experience and skill that can focus on your data conversion project without being distracted by other priorities.
  • We provide the data conversion services expertise you need gained from years of experience converting billions of records for both the private sector and government entities.
  • We possess the experience and knowledge to forge individualized solutions to solve complex challenges that bolster your efficiency as opposed to applying any preexisting models or formulas.

There’s inherent risk in any data conversion project. We minimize that risk. Your goal with your new platform is to work faster and more effectively while completely severing your use of the current platform. We make sure that’s possible.

Data Conversion Services

Converting your data with ease and optimizing its possibilities.

Data Analytics

Bringing real time integrated data statistics right to your dashboard.

Enterprise Data

Effectively integrating and retrieving data from internal and external applications.

Replace Legacy Systems

Leaving inefficient systems and processes in the past, this is what upgrading can mean to you.

Data Migration Services

Transforming current unkempt data and reimagining storage capabilities.

Data Conversion Process Steps

Data conversion isn’t an act, but rather a staged methodical process. In complex data conversions, each step is as important as any other. The process incorporated by our expert data conversion team has been refined by hundreds of successful conversions and includes:

Step #1

Develop a comprehensive plan for data conversion that involves extensive data profiling (examining data from the source to check for accuracy, validity and completeness) and data mapping (creating a road map for the conversion process). 

Step #2

Extract existing data from your current legacy system.

Step #3

Expertly cleanse your data before moving it by eliminating incomplete, duplicate, incorrect or irrelevant data from your database and converting source data to the format of the target destination.

Step #4

Review and backup data and then migrate to the target destination.

Step #5

Validate data to ensure accuracy and quality and provide ongoing quality assurance to ensure and maintain accuracy and consistency of data.

Note that the sample data conversion process steps outlined above will vary based on the specific needs and requirements of your organization.


Discover Effective Strategies for Successful Data Conversion

When you need to replace a software system, all eyes are set toward the future goal of seamless processes and high functionality. Migrating valuable data is a significant undertaking that requires expert planning and sound implementation strategy. This is where you need Next Phase Solutions for customized data conversion services.

Data Migration Services



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