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Enjoy a Seamless Migration with Your Data Completely Intact

The prospect of executing a data migration for your organization may seem like both a daunting and risky task. We are here to minimize the risk.

We’ve successfully migrated billions of complex records from a multitude of both popular and esoteric platforms with our customized data migration service solutions. But it’s not about simply getting your data from point A to point B. It’s about accuracy and usability. You want to know that your operation is going to be better and stronger after the migration and that’s what we do. We ensure a swift and smooth transition that keeps your data intact with absolutely no disruptions to your business.

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The larger the database, the greater the risk.

Our processes, systems and tests look for unseen potential pitfalls deep in the recesses of your data. Whether you’re moving content from an outdated system into a cloud, consolidating digital content strewn about the environment or transferring data from one database to another, getting the original data in the perfect condition is part of the secret.

Our expertise is platform agnostic. Our process is proven in high-stakes industries and life-support government entities. We leverage a configurable platform and top data experts developing data driven rules to create outcomes that enable effortless user adoption and ensure system stability. We are one of the country’s most experienced digital content movers.

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Features of NPS Data Migration Services

Our comprehensive and customized data migration services allow you to move data quickly, easily and reliably without negatively impacting your business operations through:

Data Profiling

We carefully examine your data from its existing information source and use it to collect statistics and informative summaries about the data. This includes discovering metadata, identifying distributions, key candidates, functional dependencies, and more.

Data Validation

We protect your data, ensuring its precision and usability through verifying it has undergone data cleansing. It is our top priority that you receive a solution that contains useful and correct data.

Data Cleansing

We work to provide the most accurate data analysis by removing or modifying data that is incomplete, duplicated or improperly formatted. This provides you the highest functionality your system can achieve.

Ongoing Quality Assurance

You should never be asked to accept a promise as the proof of a job well done. Our data migration service solutions are implemented with reconciliation in mind. Every item at the source is indexed and tracked. This makes it easy to validate, reconcile and provide transparency.

Our data migration services ensure the investment you made in your new platform pays off quickly by providing rapid and reliable access to your valuable data. What you need is where you need it.

Replace Legacy Systems to Improve Performance

Aged legacy systems often no longer meet performance requirements and fail to result in the required return on investment. The expert team at our data migration company is well experienced in consolidating various preexisting repositories, legacy systems, or simply assisting in changing the way your data is organized with a new customized data migration service solution. If you’re looking to make a change from your current system and would like to learn more about our data migration services, simply click on the link below.

  • Our data migration approach is platform agnostic and applies to any scenario that requires identifying and moving digital content from one system to another.


  • Our experience is forged through converting billions of records for organizations operating in all major industries and levels of government.


  • Our methodology is tempered by successfully solving the complex challenges associated with each unique project.

When you need to replace a software system, all eyes are set toward the future goal of seamless processes and high functionality. Migrating valuable data is a significant undertaking that requires expert planning and sound implementation strategy. This is where you need Next Phase Solutions.

The Next Phase of your data migration starts here.

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