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Robust Solutions to Get the Most from Your Data

Are you lost in an endless sea of data? Struggling to gain insights? Wrestling with unstructured data? Get every drop of insight and power out of your data with a successful enterprise data management strategy from Next Phase Solutions. This is the key to gaining a definitive competitive advantage over your business rivals!

According to a recent report by the International Data Corporation, the volume of data managed by businesses is projected to grow by 61% by the year 2025 (equating to an amazing 175 zettabytes!). That means the overwhelming amount of data flowing through your organization needs to be effectively managed to ensure timely and accurate decision-making at all levels.

A successfully implemented and effective enterprise data management system will help your business:

  • Streamline Operations
  • Gain a Competitive Advantage
  • Reduce Costs
  • Improve Customer Experience
  • Ensure Compliant Data

Transform the Efficiency of Your Organization Today

At NPS, our expert team of data management specialists provides the most proven and reliable customized data management solutions for your system, no matter how complex your business. We are the leading choice of a wide variety of organizations throughout the private and government sectors that rely on us for critical solutions to streamline and modernize their use of data.

We’ll help you simplify your data organization and provide a 360-degree view of all data, it’s potential and where it can be utilized faster and more accurately. This dramatically ensures accurate and timely access to information, bolsters overall efficiency, enables better decision making, creates real-time collaboration and ultimately drives better business performance for your organization as it continues to grow and evolve.

Get access to the sought-after U.S.-based data conversion services experts with top security level clearances.   

Expert Data Management Solutions Customized for Your Business

At Next Phase Solutions, our comprehensive and customized data management services encompass:

  • Data Analytics: Bring real time integrated statistics right to your dashboard.
  • Enterprise Data: Effectively integrate and retrieve data from internal and external applications.
  • Document Conversions: Keep, retrieve and collaborate valuable documents in one safe location.
  • Data Migration Services: Transform unkempt data and reimagine storage capabilities swiftly and smoothly with absolutely no disruptions to your business.
  • Data Conversion Services:  Convert data with ease and optimize its potential with the highest level of data integrity.

Our customized data conversion services are data driven and rules-based with the focus on enabling user adoption and system stability. Our platform-agnostic success applies to any scenario that requires moving digital content from one system to another.

Why Leading Businesses Choose NPS for Enterprise Data Management

Our carefully recruited data management team offers more than 25 years of experience in implementing highly customized and complex data management solutions at the highest and most demanding levels. Here’s how:

  • Our approach is platform agnostic and applies to any scenario that requires maximizing the value of business data.
  • Our experience is forged through managing and systemizing billions of records for organizations operating in all major industries and levels of government.
  • Our methodology is continually forged by successfully solving the complex challenges associated with each unique project.

The time to take control of your data once and for all is now. Discover how our innovative solutions can transform the efficiency of your organization today!

Innovative Strategies to Replace Outdated Legacy Systems

Aged legacy systems often no longer meet performance requirements and fail to result in the required return on investment. Our expert team is well experienced in consolidating various preexisting repositories, legacy systems or simply assisting in changing the way your data is organized with a new customized solution.

Contact NPS today if you are looking to make a change from your current system to a better one and would like further details.

Get access to the sought-after U.S.-based data conversion services experts with top security level clearances.   

Reduces Cost

Valuable Customer Interactions

Unified Format

Personalized Customer Experience

Improved Engagement

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Reduces Cost
Valuable Customer Interactions
Unified Format
Personalized Customer Experience
Improved Engagement
Dashboard View

Expert Methods for Successful Data Conversion and Migrations

When your organization needs to replace its software system, all eyes are set toward the future goal of seamless processes and high functionality. Replacement of enterprise level applications is a significant undertaking that requires expert planning and a sound implementation strategy.

That’s why you need Next Phase Solutions. Even the most simplistic conversion or migration demands careful consideration to ensure success. Our conversion strategy is data driven and rules-based with a focus on enabling adoption and system usability.

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