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Run government finance and administration more efficiently now and in the future.


OnBase Finance and Administration Solutions keep vital government functions and responsibilities moving forward while saving staff time and eliminating costs, allowing government to meet today’s challenges by digitizing paper documents and automating processes surrounding them.

Contract Management

OnBase Contract Management transforms the way agencies review and renew contracts by allowing staff to electronically manage the process.

Eliminate risk and remain compliant with OnBase Government contract software.

Your agency manages, tracks, review and approves volumes of contracts every fiscal year. Contract reviews, retrievals and timely renewals are critical to managing projects, grant and purchases. OnBase Contract Management transforms your contract management efforts by capturing, storing, routing and notifying staff of necessary tasks they must do to complete contract reviews and renewals on time.

Using OnBase, government agencies can:

  • Schedule alerts for contract review, renewal and deletion
  • Shorten lengthy audits by automatically tracking all contract modifications
  • Centralize storage with permission-based access and edit rights

The value of OnBase government contract solutions.

Since OnBase stores documents digitally, your agency can further transparency efforts by publishing contracts to your website, helping you meet new legal responsibilities for providing access to contracts.

With central, secured storage, you can also create self-service access for staff and constituents, allowing staff to handle more work without interruption.

With OnBase Contract Management, your agency easily retrieves contracts, provides self-service access and automates and enforces review processes, ensuring you never miss a renewal that can help your organization continue favorable pricing terms.

Department of Motor Vehicles

Speed motor vehicle licensing and registration processes while improving customer satisfaction and staff productivity.

Department of Motor Vehicles Software Solutions.

What if your Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) agency could speed processing times, so citizens spend less time in line?

What if you could provide DMV employees with a complete view of a person’s record to help them be more proactive and handle multiple issues in one visit?

Has customer service stalled in your driver licensing, vehicle titling, registration and inspection processes?

OnBase’s process and workflow solutions help streamline motor vehicle licensing and registration processes, resulting in more satisfied customers and more helpful and productive DMV staff.

Designed to help you modernize and improve service delivery, our solutions improve and automate your processes, allowing you to easily manage digital documents within your DMV software applications. OnBase solutions can help you maintain compliance with mandated security standards, while ensuring employees can access relevant documents and content from their workstations with just a single click.

Our solutions simplify the collection and sharing of critical information. That means you can easily capture all types of documents at the point of service—and automatically link them to the appropriate citizen record in your existing licensing and registration system. Then authorized users can dynamically share information within your department and between agencies, while ensuring the integrity and security of the information.

Benefits of Department of Motor Vehicles Solutions:

  • Improves and helps integrate service delivery
  • Saves paper, storage and valuable time

Provides compatibility with security initiatives, such as secure driver’s licenses.

Integrated ERP

Connect OnBase with any ERP systems, providing users with instant access to the documents they need within their familiar work environment.

Connect OnBase with your ERP system for faster processing and increased transparency.

Across the country, governments are under pressure to overhaul or retire legacy accounting and human resource systems. To modernize, many agencies turn to ERP systems like PeopleSoft®, SAP®, Tyler Munis®, Oracle®, JD Edwards®, MS Dynamics® and Infor Lawson®. However, many of the processes these ERPs manage – like invoice processing, procurement tasks, contract management, credentialing and certifications – also rely on documents.

Switching between paper and data systems not only slows down staff but creates more work for them, including taking time to make photocopies and use intra-office mail to transport documents, further slowing down processes. Paper also derails another government trend, transparency – constituents, vendors and staff are challenged to know the status of transactions and processes when they are buried in paper documents or tracked in dozens of manual tracking systems created by overworked staff.

OnBase connects any ERP solution with related documents, automating processes and creating transparency for financial and human resources tasks. OnBase provides decision-makers with complete visibility into processes, providing audit trails, real-time reporting and executive dashboards.

Capture documents immediately and extract data to reduce or eliminate indexing. Then, with OnBase Workflow, notify, view, route and manage documents directly from ERP screens, allowing staff to work in their familiar work environment.

Professional Licensing Boards

OnBase Professional Licensing Boards Software enables licensing boards to improve security & compliance through privacy, RIM, & retention policies.

Simplify the management of professional licensing processes.

OnBase process and content management solutions are used by state licensing boards to improve and speed the process of issuing licenses and permits. Our products automate processes for time- and cost-savings — whether your agency manages professional, occupational or business licenses.

OnBase solutions allow you to instantly capture and securely store all types of documents such as application and renewal forms, identity documents, school accreditations and certification. Powerful workflow technology removes bottlenecks in everyday business processes, which fuels operational efficiency and improves collaboration among staff and between agencies.

With OnBase technology, your state licensing board will:

  • Save on paper and storage costs associated with retaining long-term files
  • Increase staff productivity with seamless integration with your business application
  • Speed processing by automatically routing documents for reviews and approvals
  • Improve collaboration and information sharing by providing authorized users with single-click access to files
  • Respond to investigations, background checks and disciplinary actions with accurate and complete files
  • Ensure security of confidential information and comply with privacy, professional records management and retention policies

Agenda Management

OnBase Agenda Management automates the approval, assembly and distribution of agenda and minutes management tasks, speeding up legislative processes.

OnBase by Hyland transforms your legislative process.

OnBase uses a platform that manages the critical functions of the clerk’s office and secures it all within a central repository that also supports your public records responsibilities. With features that make staff more efficient and convenient access for constituents and elected officials, OnBase makes a paperless clerk’s office a reality.

Promotes a paperless legislative process from agenda creation through the meeting.

OnBase provides a single platform for the complete management of the agenda, minutes, video, voting and records related to a meeting. To achieve this, OnBase provides features like:

  • Automatic packet creation for constituents and council members:
    OnBase takes all approved items and supporting documents for each meeting and creates public and executive session packets. With a few clicks click, staff can publish and distribute these packets for constituents or members of the legislative body to reference online or on tablets through Agenda To Go
  • Simplified video posting with agenda bookmarks:
    OnBase provides tools to stamp and bookmark video during the session, enabling posting immediately upon session completion. You can then easily post the recording to your website, giving constituents the ability to watch specific segments by clicking on the corresponding points on the agenda
  • Tracking and displaying of live voting:
    The solution enables the legislative body to register their votes via touchscreen and immediately display it through information panels in the session. OnBase also tracks the votes for reference after the session ends
  • Consolidates disconnected solutions:
    OnBase consolidates solutions across government from the content and processes critical to your legislative process to the records responsibilities and everyday program delivery that serves your constituents

One solution to meet public records responsibilities and improve constituent service.

With a repository that is accessible to the whole organization, OnBase does more than support your legislative process. Simplify your public records tasks with a single solution for record storage and retrieval, request automation and tracking.

With tools to support self-service access to documents, OnBase cuts down on the burden of over-the-counter requests – while making requests more convenient for constituents.

Public Records

OnBase Public Records solutions aid open government initiatives by helping departments meet legal responsibilities for providing access to public records.

Simplify public records from storage through request and fulfillment.

Access to public records is a cornerstone of an open, transparent government. Unfortunately, an overreliance on paper-based and manual public records request fulfillment makes meeting request deadlines difficult. Hunting down documents from multiple departments, locations and filing cabinets puts a burden on government staff and leads to lengthy fulfillment cycles – damaging public trust.

With the OnBase Public Records Request solution, you simplify request submission and fulfillment. From online request capabilities and comprehensive record searches to digital delivery, OnBase improves the process from beginning to end.

Provides comprehensive tools to simplify requests, fulfillment and tracking.

More than ever before, government officials feel increased pressure to provide easy access to public records and often face mandates for fulfilling requests. This means that for staff, tracking and reporting on request fulfillment is just as important as completing the requests.

OnBase helps overcome these challenges by:

  • Simplifying request submission and delivery for constituents:
    OnBase provides the option for both web-based and paper requests. After staff receive and fulfill a request, OnBase compiles the documents and posts them to an online portal for fast, efficient delivery.
  • Providing comprehensive search for complete request fulfillment:
    In addition to creating a single electronic location to store and retrieve all records, OnBase provides a range of search tools to identify potential records required to complete requests, including keyword and full-text searches.
  • Improving process transparency and reporting:
    OnBase equips you with reporting dashboards that describe and identify bottlenecks while allowing you to view reports on any request. Meanwhile, OnBase Workflow automatically notifies staff when request deadlines approach, providing clarity on request priority.

The OnBase Public Records Request solution provides your organization with the tools it needs to quickly prioritize and complete records requests. Once completed, OnBase guarantees quick delivery of documents to requestors, improving the process from beginning to end.

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