Because information resides outside core HIT applications throughout the healthcare organization, clinicians and staff rarely have the information they need at the moment they need it. Next Phase Solutions provides OnBase solutions for Healthcare which changes that.


Next Phase Solutions provides OnBase which is an ECM platform that represents half of our Healthcare Content Services framework. OnBase helps you digitize and manage a wide range of clinical and back office documents to optimize workflows and performance. With OnBase, information is delivered when and where you need it — available to clinicians and staff within the healthcare software solutions they already use and know, improving medical data management and reducing operational costs. 

Together with Hyland Software’s Healthcare’s Enterprise Imaging solutions, OnBase can offer you a complete solution for managing all unstructured patient content.

Healthcare Software Solutions

With healthcare software solutions for clinical and administrative departments, OnBase empowers superior care across the enterprise.  A highly configurable and scalable single enterprise information platform for managing content, processes and cases, OnBase supports an unlimited number of solutions – from health information technology and clinical applications to enterprise resource planning, human resources and accounting systems.

Whether implementing OnBase in a single department and growing over time or deploying the enterprise-wide solution right from the start, it’s easy to enhance your existing IT solutions and extend their value – all while helping every single department in your healthcare organization perform more efficiently and effectively.

Hospitals and Post-Acute Care

OnBase solutions for hospitals and post-acute care manage information, cases and processes across the care continuum to elevate care and service.  Patient information resides in a variety of formats and lives in a number of areas in your healthcare organization. Reduce the amount of time your clinicians and staff spend searching for it with OnBase by Hyland’s enterprise information management solutions for healthcare.

Easily access information from within familiar systems

To empower faster, more informed decisions, OnBase delivers the information your clinicians and staff need when, where and how they need it – whether that’s in the ER, HR or a home-health setting. And, by making that information readily available within the healthcare software solutions they already use and know, OnBase keeps user training to a minimum.

With automation and case management capabilities, OnBase supports your healthcare organization’s processes, driving improvements in patient care and service while reducing operational costs.

Healthcare Integrations

Integrate your clinical and administrative solutions with OnBase to create a more connected healthcare enterprise.  Unstructured content – the information that resides outside of your organization’s core systems and processes – plagues nearly every healthcare organization. OnBase by Hyland’s enterprise content management (ECM) solution simply integrates with those solutions that healthcare organizations rely on – from electronic medical record (EMR) solutions to enterprise applications – so that your clinicians and staff have immediate access to all of the information they need, when, where and how they need it.

 We’ve never met an app we didn’t like. OnBase has been integrated with more than 500 unique applications without custom coding. And OnBase provides more than 30 different options for integration.

Reap the benefits of an integrated healthcare system

Integrations with existing applications ease transitions to new software, improve user adoption and satisfaction and eliminate switching between screens to find the right information. Integrations also allow for faster document indexing which increases content capture speeds and eliminates the risk of human error from manual entry. The result is a truly integrated healthcare system.

Healthcare Payer Solutions

With proven solutions for healthcare payers, OnBase helps health insurers effectively manage content and streamline processes while ensuring compliance and security.  Whether part of a provider-sponsored health plan or an independent healthcare payer organization, health insurers’ goals are the same: Drive increased capacity, streamline processes, increase internal controls and audit assistance, improve customer service – all while reducing operational costs.

Paper-based, manual processes won’t get you there.

How to manage healthcare payer content electronically and automate processes

OnBase healthcare payer solutions were developed specifically for the challenges health insurers face. Our expertise includes Fiscal Intermediaries for Medicare/Medicaid, commercial insurers, third-party administrators as well as Managed Service Organizations. We understand Health Benefit Plans and Health Administrative systems and are experienced in meeting industry-specific challenges, including security and compliance. With OnBase healthcare payer solutions, you’ll:

  • Manage digital content, including scanned documents, faxes, print streams, application files, electronic forms, web content, multi-media files, emails and industry standard files such as 835 & 837, CMS1500 and UB04
  • Automate healthcare payer business processes and reduce the time and cost of performing important business functions to improve organizational efficiency
  • Address the need for regulatory compliance through the management, control and sharing of digital content with employees, business partners, customers and other constituencies

Revenue Cycle Management

Healthcare revenue cycle management is an enterprise challenge that requires an enterprise solution. OnBase streamlines processes from registration to reconciliation.  With multiple billing systems in various locations, each with its own set of unique definitions, data standards and processes, healthcare revenue cycle management is an enterprise endeavor – and an unwieldy one at that.

It’s likely your organization relies upon several different systems across a number of departments to execute a variety of tasks, from pre-encounter to encounter to post-encounter. Managing the revenue cycle is an enterprise-wide process and it needs an enterprise solution.

Our comprehensive OnBase Revenue Cycle solutions address all of your accounts receivables in one place – no matter how many patient accounting systems you have in place. OnBase integrates with more than 500 applications, securely storing your documents and data in a centralized repository, improving both access and accuracy. The solution’s native automation tools increase efficiency while decreasing your cost to collect.

Some OnBase Revenue Cycle customers have even seen a full return on investment less than 12 months after implementation – all while maximizing revenue collections in hundreds of facilities across the country.

End-to-End Revenue Cycle Management Solution for Healthcare

From registration through reconciliation, OnBase Revenue Cycle solutions offer hospitals and physician practices a commercially proven, comprehensive and purpose-built revenue cycle management application built on an industry-leading enterprise content management (ECM) platform. With OnBase Revenue Cycle solutions, organizations automate and streamline critical business processes, including:

  • Streamlined reconciliation processes and increased audit controls
  • Advanced data mining and dashboard reporting to easily analyze remittance and payer issues, including identifying root causes of denied payments
  • Lowered costs for payment posting and denials management while accelerating cash flow throughout the entire revenue cycle continuum
  • Standardized business practices across multiple facility/physician group billing offices
  • Smoother transitions from one or more health information systems (HIS) to another

The OnBase Difference for Healthcare

OnBase helps healthcare organizations provide the right information to the right people at the right time, empowering improved decision-making and elevated patient care.

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