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Next Phase Solutions can help you digitally transform your campus with content services to elevate your students’ success

With over 1,100 colleges and universities using our technology offering the OnBase product has a tremendously successful track record in higher education.

When information resides outside core campus systems, like the SIS, ERP and CRM, faculty and staff are often missing important information they need to provide the best possible student, donor and vendor service.

 Hyland higher education software solutions change that. Hyland’s market-leading suite of content services solutions enable institutions to leverage the data in their current technology stacks to give staff a complete view of the student record. Take advantage of higher education software that improves business processes across campus with document management, capture and case management.

On today’s campus, just going paperless isn’t enough.

Discover secure file sharing, student communication management, electronic forms and workflow that integrate with your modern core system and business applications.

When it comes to serving students, seeing just part of the record gives you just part of the picture necessary to provide the help they need to succeed. Hyland’s higher education software delivers all of the information you need to see the full picture – including scanned paper documents, faxes, print streams, electronic forms, emails and more – all in the context of your core system screens and business processes. Easily configure and integrate an unlimited number of content-enabled applications and solutions to manage content, processes, communications and cases across your entire campus alongside the modern core systems that fuel your institution without writing code.


Student Enrollment Management Software

Enrollment staff require the ability to process a large amount of information very quickly. With Next Phase Solutions’ OnBase solutions for enrollment management, Admissions, Financial Aid, Advising and Registrars’ offices eliminate time-intensive, manual tasks to create a more accurate and efficient review process.

Case Management Solutions

Next Phase Solutions provides dynamic, people-driven case management systems that work from  incident management, credentialing to disability resource services the Next Phase Solutions partnership can provide real world technology that provides a comprehensive solution.

Intelligent Capture for Transcripts

Automate manual transcript processing with modern, best-in-class technology.  Transcript processing can take a significant amount of time, from capturing data, to processing and sharing transcripts among departments across campus. If you think transcript software could make a positive difference, but assume transcripts are too varied and too unique to be understood by today’s technology, think again.

Brainware is an intelligent capture solution for transcripts that eliminates the need to manually sort and key data from even the most complex, diverse document types. This template-free extraction solution accurately captures student and course data from transcripts, regardless of layout.

With intelligent capture for transcripts, you’ll:

  • Automatically sort (classify) all incoming transcripts, regardless of type and format
  • Reconcile data from transcript capture against your SIS to ensure consistency, accuracy and completeness
  • Deliver fast and accurate transfer credit reports by validating coursework against your institution’s articulation database
  • Easily integrate with your SIS or leverage as a standalone solution

Secure, World-Class Hosting Architecture

With the Hyland Cloud, organizations have a safe, dependable hosting option that saves money, frees up time for staff and removes the burden of in-house data maintenance and protected storage. Hyland Cloud customers have dedicated support 24/7/365.

The Hyland Cloud is custom designed to serve as the hosting platform for our cloud-based applications. Since 2004, Hyland has offered cloud-deployment of OnBase the enterprise information platform. We continue to drive innovative cloud-based solutions, including ShareBase by Hyland, which are hosted exclusively in the Hyland Cloud.

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