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Most insurers only see a fraction of the customer information they need to open a new policy or process a claim. Hyland insurance software solutions changes that.


Most insurers only see a fraction of the customer information they need to open a new policy or process a claim. Hyland insurance software solutions changes that.

Hyland insurance solutions provide you with a comprehensive and configurable platform for capture, case management, document management, secure file sharing, customer communication management, and workflow that integrates with your modern core system and business applications. 

Discover better insurance document management, including scanned paper documents, faxes, print streams, application files, electronic forms, web content, multi-media files, customer communications and emails, all in the context of your core system screens and business processes.  This allows you to easily configure and integrate an unlimited number of content-enabled applications and solutions to manage content, processes, communications and cases across your entire enterprise with the modern core systems that run your business without writing code.

While we strive for digital transformation today and look forward to InsurTech’s promise of a revolutionary tomorrow, insurers must not forget that information security is vital in the here and now. 

Because so much confidential data passes through today’s business systems, we expect modern information management solutions to meet a higher degree of scrutiny when it comes to data security. Modern digital systems and procedures must be fully secure to retain the trust of agents and insureds, and to protect companies from liability.

It is time for your insurance company to ask the question,
“How exposed are we?”

Can you fend off a cyberattack? 
Are you prepared to comply with the changing regulatory landscape? 
Have you eliminated manual, paper-based processes?
Are you educating your members and employees about online security?
Where can you focus on opportunities for data security improvement?

If you’re searching for answers, we’re here to help.

Property & Casualty Solutions

Next Phase Solutions provides rationalized, automated and focused insurance software for the P&C insurer.  Significant challenges property and casualty insurers face are the sheer volume of information required to efficiently complete the business of insurance, end-to-end, and the legacy systems that contain that information. Since document and content management are peripheral functionality for core insurance system or suite providers, processes are typically slow, inefficient, and incapable of providing a full picture of any customer’s entire history and product portfolio. 

Collaborating with a content services provider like Hyland allows insurers to capitalize on the P&C insurance software solution’s core transformation, automation and integration capabilities to power the insurance business.

Life & Annuity Solutions

Next Phase Solutions provides automated and integrated solutions for the Life insurer.  Because information resides outside core line of business applications throughout the life and annuity organization, adjusters rarely have the information they need when they need it. Hyland works with life insurance companies to automate business processes and digitize paper files, accelerating policy administration and decluttering offices all at once.

OnBase, Hyland’s award winning content services platform, provides organizations with the security they need to meet an industry full of regulatory changes. Compliant with HIPAA and SOX regulations, OnBase helps safeguard your content, all while providing access to information from one centralized location.

With e-forms and integrations with providers like DocuSign, users can minimize the tedious and manually intensive NIGO process, from missing signatures and incorrect fund allocations to a simple address change request.  OnBase functionality is configurable and expansive, making it a platform that will grow alongside your organization.

OnBase benefits include:

  • Automates business processes
  • Reduces time and cost of performing important business functions
  • Improves organizational efficiency
  • Addresses the need for regulatory compliance through the management, control, and sharing of digital content with employees, business partners, customers, and other constituencies
  • Allows sharing of critical documents, such as quotes, policy forms, beneficiary changes, loan requests, commission statements and more via ShareBase.

Duck Creek Solutions

Next Phase Solutions provides streamline underwriting and new business processing OnDemand.  By integrating OnBase with Duck Creek Technologies’ Policy Administration software platform, you streamline underwriting and new business processing, improving access to information while automating previously manual tasks.

By adding the ability to manage business-critical documents, OnBase extends the powerful data management functionality of Duck Creek. OnBase provides one central system for document management, version control, audit history and much more, allowing staff to focus on higher value tasks like risk evaluation and customer service.

Streamline decision-making and work management.

All content surrounding a specific policy or policyholder is organized in a tabbed folder interface with supporting documents just a click away. Insurance personnel instantly access those documents directly from Duck Creek software, improving decision-making and eliminating the need to search through multiple applications, file shares or paper records.

OnBase also pulls information from Duck Creek to create policy correspondence and other related documents with minimal staff involvement. In turn, activities automatically trigger workflow processes, initiating requests for information and assigning tasks to non-Duck Creek users. Insurers optimize document and data management, increasing workforce productivity and improving their essential day-to-day processes.

    Guidewire Solutions

    Next Phase helps Guidewire customers get a complete view of the customer, claim and process.  OnBase seamlessly integrates with Guidewire PolicyCenter and ClaimCenter.  With ClaimCenter our integration complements and extends the claims experience, giving insurers a complete view of the customer, claim and process.

    OnBase integrates with Guidewire PolicyCenter, complementing and extending the features of both systems for an optimal user experience. Users access documents stored in OnBase from within the familiar PolicyCenter interface. Activity records within PolicyCenter may be automatically created from within OnBase, saving underwriters time and allowing them to perform more important tasks. And, to automate business processes, activities in PolicyCenter prompt OnBase to initiate ancillary processes, such as correspondence, or requests for supporting documentation, etc.

    Claims adjusters face tremendous pressure in today’s high-cost, highly regulated claims environment. Providing instant access to the information they need to accurately investigate and settle a claim not only eases their burden, it lessens the risk of claims leakage.

    Through the OnBase integration, claims adjusters enjoy:

    • Instant access to claims and policy documents from within the familiar ClaimCenter interface
    • Reduced number of steps required to create certain activities records
    • Freedom to perform higher value tasks

    OnBase further streamlines the underwriting process by triggering activity records in Guidewire – indicating that a motor vehicle report has been received and captured in OnBase, or reminding an underwriter to review a document at the time of policy renewal. In addition, OnBase pulls key information from Guidewire to generate policy-related documents and personalize correspondence with clients, resulting in improved customer service and satisfaction.

    Technical Benefits of the OnBase Integration for Guidewire PolicyCenter include:

    • Point-and-click configurable components provide out-of-the-box configuration with no code or API programming
    • An integration approach that allows customers to upgrade their PolicyCenter system independently of their OnBase upgrades, ensuring the connectors will work across the various versions of OnBase and PolicyCenter
    • Robust, fault-tolerant infrastructure created using the OnBase Enterprise Integration Server, based on Microsoft Biztalk, for an advanced message bus architecture

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