Next Phase Solutions can streamline information access by integrating OnBase with essential applications


Integrate with your primary business applications

Your business applications are critical for everyday operations. Whether you rely on your ERP, accounting, HR, claims, lending, electronic medical record, student information or other critical systems, these drive your core processes.

However, when working with these applications, users frequently also rely on information stored elsewhere to make decisions. OnBase acts as a central repository for this information, intelligently linking the documents and data within OnBase to the transactions and activities in other applications.


Our customer’s can speed up processes with instant information access, regardless of application.

  We do this by integrating OnBase and the documents stored in OnBase with needed applications.  Next Phase Solutions helps organizations:

Eliminate switching between screens to find the right information

Users gain instant access to related content stored in OnBase without leaving their business application.

Ease the transition to new software

Because uses can access OnBase content directly from their other applications, training is minimal. User acceptance also increases because staff can access needed content from the familiar applications.

Reduce manual data entry

OnBase can instantly update your business applications as soon as it receives information, and in turn, your other applications can update the information stored in OnBase.

Natively integrate with productivity add-ins

OnBase provides add-ins and integrations for the productivity tools your users use the most. Whether they are working in Microsoft Office, their email applications or Microsoft SharePoint, OnBase functionality extends directly into these applications, allowing your users to interact with OnBase without leaving their primary application.


Esri Integration and OnBase

The OnBase Integration for Esri also allows users to:

  • Geo-enable documents within OnBase, making them available to map through the Esri integration
  • Leverage Esri’s native interactive map functionality to change the base map, alternate between views and add additional data layers
  • Save modified maps as images in OnBase for use within automated workflow processes

Run location analytics on existing content within OnBase.


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