Next Phase Solutions helps you extend your information management strategy with mobile content management solutions.


We deliver robust information management and process automation capabilities across devices and for all your employees, whether they’re in the office or on the go.

Using OnBase mobile capabilities Next Phase Solutions empowers employees to:

  • Capture images, complete forms and collect information using their mobile devices
  • Access relevant documents and information directly from mobile devices
  • Complete businesses tasks and approvals while on the go
  • Interact with and modify content while offline, using iPad and Windows tablet device


Capture and collect information on the go


OnBase mobile capture capabilities empower staff to collect critical information – and even capture signatures – while in the field.


Photo Capture

Staff use the built-in camera on mobile phones and tablet devices for easy upload of images into OnBase – easily indexing and associating photos with any related content.

Document Capture

OnBase turns a phone or tablet devices into a user-friendly mobile scanner, allowing staff to capture photos of documents and automatically cropping the images to size.

Electronic Forms

With OnBase, employees access and complete electronic forms – and capture signatures – on mobile devices, even pulling data from core business systems to auto-populate form fields.

Make decisions and move processes forward, all from the field

Quick access, simple routing and easy approvals make mobile content management an essential part of daily collaboration, no matter where staff are working.


Directly from their mobile device, users can:

  • Quickly search for documents and easily navigate to all related content
  • View information from other business applications through direct integrations with OnBase
  • Add notes and annotations to documents within OnBase
  • Complete tasks and approvals as part of a workflow, and route content to others
  • Trigger processes by completing forms or capturing key content


OnBase mobile capabilities go beyond providing access to OnBase documents. Instead, they can act as an information hub, surfacing information from your other business systems – even those without native mobile apps.

No connectivity? No problem with offline mobile workforce solutions.

For your mobile workforce, an internet connection isn’t always a given. The OnBase mobile briefcase capability allows iPad and Windows tablet users to take their information, documents and forms offline, for access without connectivity. This minimizes the need to email themselves work or print paper to take with them on the road.

While offline, staff can:

Capture images and documents
Complete forms and collect signatures
Access related information

When an internet connection becomes available, staff sync newly collected or modified information and documents back into OnBase – continuing related OnBase processes or triggering new processes.

Enforce security while embracing mobile content management

OnBase makes it easy for administrators to set granular permissions on documents and data, ensuring users only see what they should see – whether to meet internal standards or industry-wide regulations. This security is automatically applied on a user’s mobile device, controlling both access to information as well as the forms and documents employees can capture and modify.

Discover the advantages of mobile access to information

With OnBase, mobile workers are no longer an obstacle to your ongoing business processes; instead they are facilitators. And for them, work becomes that much easier –  meeting their expectations for mobility while minimizing the stress and inefficiencies of working outside the office.

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