Data Conversion

At Next Phase Solutions, our data conversion services will streamline your data conversion with total transparency, whether you are:
• Transferring Content from an Outdated System into a Cloud-Based Platform
• Consolidating Digital Content Strewn About the Environment
• Moving Data from One Database to Another
Our customized data conversion services are data driven and rules-based with the focus on enabling user adoption and system stability. Our platform-agnostic success applies to any scenario that requires moving digital content from one system to another.

Discover the Best, Most Reliable Data Conversion Solutions

Your Next Phase is Built on Better Data

1.5 Billion Documents Processed

Over a 12-Month Implementation

30 Terabytes of Data Transferred

From a Single Source System

Hundreds of Go-Lives & Locations

9 Concurrently Executed Migrations

Common systems from which we convert include:

40+ ECM Legacy Systems

Converted Data & Document Sources

Data Migration is Platform Agnostic

Billions of Government Records

No Disruptions to Your Business

One of Most Experienced in US

Why You Should Outsource Your Data Conversion to Us

Wading through legacy content for relevant information can be a daunting task, especially when you are unsure what to look for or where it might be located. NPS specializes in discovering and deciphering data, and then understanding how data is used.

Our expert data conversion team will help to determine the process that offers the highest level of data integrity. So, choose a team with deep experience in both the private and public sectors for highly effective data conversion services!

Get access to the sought-after U.S.-based data conversion services experts with top security level clearances.

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