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Public works software solution links documents, drawings and processes to your GIS. With OnBase Planning and Public Works Solutions, you capture content – including documents, photos, videos, audio and historic papers – and make it available directly from existing GIS applications, streamlining processes for increased efficiency.

Asset Management

OnBase stores all the content you need to maintain assets in a single repository that integrates with existing asset management software

Connect asset documents and data with OnBase Asset Management

With OnBase solutions for Asset Management, all the content you need to maintain your assets and complete reviews, inspections and other processes is stored in a central document repository. OnBase connects to asset management, permitting and planning solutions like your in-house databases, Azteca Cityworks® and Accela Automation® so your data and documents are finally connected, allowing you to manage things like plan revisions, contracts and CAD drawings from the applications your staff uses every day.

OnBase lets you transform processes with automation, speeding up projects while allowing for simultaneous reviews and improved collaboration. Using OnBase, you safely preserve this content while providing staff with access to these documents in the field using laptops, tablets and smartphones.

With OnBase, you automate processes and provide self-service and online access, allowing constituents to serve themselves so your staff can focus on work and stop answering the phone. OnBase captures and secures documents, connects your databases and speed up processes, all while becoming more mobile and providing better service to your constituents.

Cityworks Integration

By integrating Cityworks® with OnBase, users access work orders and supporting documentation directly from the maps they work with every day


Great communities are built on engaged constituents and staff who are empowered with the tools that drive efficiency and foster collaboration. With OnBase and Azteca Cityworks®, you easily connect content with your permitting, licensing and land use tasks, and manage work orders and service requests. With OnBase Plan Review, you can move data and projects from your Cityworks® PLL solution into an electronic plan review workflow, making community development more efficient.

Connecting Cityworks® and OnBase means:

  • Users have instant access to information when it is needed, at their desks or on mobile devices
  • Revisions and versions are tracked, changes are recorded and content is secure for the life of the project and beyond
  • Community development solutions are completed with plan review
  • Content can be connected to ESRI® GIS applications

The OnBase Integration for Cityworks® provides a cohesive view of your information. Staff quickly access the content they need to do their jobs, reducing the number of hours it takes to complete work – which means increased constituent satisfaction. By connecting OnBase Plan Review to Cityworks® and ESRI®, you improve development processes as you build your community.

Electronic Plan Review

Paper plan sets are large and require multiple copies, making the plan review process time consuming and difficult to manage. With OnBase’s Electronic Plan Review solution, the eplan submission, review and certification process is automated – speeding up community development and infrastructure initiatives.


OnBase Electronic Plan Review is an end-to-end solution that manages and automates the entire review process from submission to final approval by providing:

  • Integrations to permitting solutions
  • A single, central location to store all plans and related documents
  • Automated version and revision control
  • Transparency into plan status via reporting dashboards
  • Tools for real-time collaboration

Your process without the custom code

OnBase automates plan review and other government processes without costly custom code and services. The automation is easy to configure and expand and uses your review structure as a guide. This allows you to form OnBase around your existing processes and not the other way. 

Plan review doesn’t operate in a vacuum and neither does OnBase. The solution connects to your other crucial systems without the need for custom code as well. This enables you to leverage data from your permitting solutions like Cityworks® or ESRI® and deliver the content your reviewers need and improve customer service by ending duplicative data entry.

ESRI® Integrations

OnBase ESRI® Integrations lets GIS users access supporting documents right from the maps they use, speeding up processes like reviews and approvals


GIS solutions have revolutionized the way agencies review and analyze data, using the power of maps to bring together information describing everything from infrastructure like water and sewers to roads, bridges and fixtures, even public health and safety incidents. Despite the efficiencies GIS solutions create, related processes depending on paper are slow and consume staff time that could be used for more important initiatives.

OnBase ESRI® Integrations puts your documents on the map. Instead of searching multiple locations to find needed information, GIS users access supporting documents right from the maps they use, allowing them to efficiently work in the interface they are most comfortable with. OnBase eliminates paper processing, automating processes while  providing simultaneous access to documents that require reviews by multiple staff members.

OnBase even lets users keep pace with current product improvements supporting the latest ESRI® GIS efforts. OnBase connects with other GIS solutions like the Azteca Cityworks® Server,  allowing users to take advantage of program improvements so they can easily retrieve OnBase documents from the new Cityworks® Server Silverlight map, which presents data and maps in a single screen for easy use.

With OnBase, you automate processes and provide self-service and online access, allowing constituents to serve themselves so your staff can focus on work and stop answering the phone. Using OnBase, you capture and secure documents, connect your GIS solutions, speed up processes, become mobile and provide better service to your constituents.

Tempest Prospero®

With OnBase, your Tempest Prospero® solution is seamlessly tied to electronic plan review, and key content, making community development more efficient. Extending your Tempest solution with OnBase Electronic Plan Review means simpler, paperless management of plan sets, markups, site photos, as-builts and everything in between.


Many communities are under pressure to create an easy, efficient and fast service delivery for constituents, developers, contractors and business owners. Creating a friendly user experience and an efficient community development process is difficult with different software solutions and paper-based permitting and plan review burdens.

With Tempest Prospero®, you can create a transparent and efficient permitting and application experience and an effective community development process. Prospero supports your efforts by providing an enterprise-wide solution to bring together the work of several departments for a seamless and centralized source of information on permits, hearings, deposits and more.

Then, once plans are submitted, you can connect the permitting data and projects seamlessly with OnBase’s eplan or electronic plan review software. Your submitters can have a seamless, paperless experience from permit, license and application to plan review and approval.

With Tempest and OnBase working together you have OnBase’s repository for all content, you create process transparency and you preserve all documentation from permits through approved project. Better project management and review happen when all the right data and content can be accessed from one place. Finding engineering studies, photos, plans and other relevant data on a project no longer requires hours of searching through paper files in multiple locations. And, archiving permits, licenses and other documents makes that information available throughout the organization, providing consistent information to involved parties, improving project transparency and creating a historical archive that can be accessed by first responders or future planners.

Tempest Prospero® permitting and application capabilities and OnBase electronic plan review, tools for efficient and effective community development.

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