Public & Environmental Health

Public Health & Environmental Processes


With OnBase solutions for Public & Environmental Health, all the content you need to maintain your licensing, permitting and inspections processes is stored in a central document repository.

Public Health Reporting

OnBase can completely automate Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) reporting.  Ingesting, routing and automating the reporting for LIMS can dramatically streamline the reporting and coordinating of infectious disease reporting.  Features like out of the box integration to ESRI mapping, available data level integration tools too HL7 and integrated dashboard reporting make the solution a best in class offering.  Notifications to CDC, First Responders and others can be automated using OnBase content management solutions providing faster more accurate results for a fraction of the cost of competitive systems.

Permitting and Licensing Solutions

You can either integrate the OnBase repository to your line of business application or develop the structured content in OnBase’s award winning configurable case management platform.

  1. OnBase integrates to permitting, licensing and inspection solutions out of the box. For example Accela Automation® or Tyler EnerGov® so your data and documents are finally connected, allowing you to manage things like permit revisionsapprovals and mobile access to content directly from the applications your staff uses every day.
  1. OnBase case management platform provides robust rapid application development. The OnBase product can provide the ultimate in configuration and flexibility enabling agencies to configure exactly the solution they need.

Inspection Solutions

Getting information to your mobile workforces can be a challenge.  It requires more than just web based applications.  Inspectors need web based, 4G based and disconnected access to information and content.  OnBase provides all of this and more enabling mobile workforces to keep pace even when internet access is non-existent. 

OnBase can provide mobile inspectors access to forms, prior inspections and supporting documents while at the job site.  By eliminating down time agencies can dramatically boost productivity.  The benefits are obvious: 

  • Inspectors can capture photos and automatically link the photos to inspections
  • Inspectors can automatically resync with the web based content repository when internet access is resumed
  • Inspectors can initiate workflow processes, electronic signatures and approval processes all while working remote. 

OnBase lets you transform processes with automation, speeding up projects while allowing for simultaneous reviews and improved collaboration.  OnBase captures and secures documents, connects your databases and speed up processes, all while becoming more mobile and providing better service to your constituents. 

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